small ensemble

Anderson, Julian: ‘The Bearded Lady’ (1994)

Andriesson, Louis: ‘Hout’ (1991)

Bedrossian, Franck: ‘It’ (2004)

Behzadi, Ashkan: ‘Plasticamente Colorato’ (2012)

Bird, David: ‘EIGHTOH8’ (2012)

Birtwhistle, Harrison: ‘An Interrupted Endless Melody’ (1991)

Bolcolm, William: ‘Let Evening Come’ (1994)

Cetiz, Mahir: ‘Inhibited Momentum’ (2012)

Currier, Sebastian: ‘Static’ (2003)

Dallapiccola, Luigi: ‘Due Liriche di Anacreonte’ (1945)

Druckman, Jacob: ‘Come Round’ (1992)

Etezady, Roshanne: ‘Hold’Em’ (2007)

Feldman, Morton: ‘Four Songs to E.E. Cummings’ (1951)

Goddard, Christopher: ‘Winter Rings’ (2017)

Haapamäki, Sampo: ‘Avenue’ (2001)

Harvey, Jonathon: ‘Flight Elegy’ (1996)

Hindemith, Paul: Kammermusik no. 3 (1925)

Johnson, Jenny Olivia: ‘Cutter’ (2007)

León, Tania: ‘Toque’ (2006)

Lucier, Alvin: ‘Panorama’ (1993)

McCormack, Timothy: ‘traces that time leaves on build form’ (2012)

Rea, John: ‘Alma and Oskar’ (1995), ‘Bettina, numéro de cirque d’outre-tombe (1999)

Reich, Steve: ‘Piano Phase’ (1967)

Ricketts, Matthew: ‘Night Poem’ (2007), ‘Trio’ (2011)

Schoenberg, Arnold: ‘Pierrot Lunaire’ (1912)

Schoenfield, Paul: ‘Cafe Music’ (1990)

Schumacher, Marlon: ‘6 Fragments on one act of cleaning a piano’ (2014)

Xenakis, Iannis: ‘Dikhthas’ (1979)

Webern, Anton: Quartet, op. 22 (1930)

Wubbels, Eric: ‘the children of fire come looking for fire’